AirPods Pro

I got a pair of AirPods Pro as a holiday gift. Unlike previous versions, these have been the first ones to properly fit my ears, especially given the old ones were hard shell only. So, these are the first pair of Apple AirPods I’ve ever owned!

The call quality and noise cancellation are great. I hardly ever have to worry whether the person on the other end can hear me. And, on the go, working in various spaces these days, it’s far better to carry one pair of headphones that can swap seamlessly between iPhone and MacBook. (The Jabras only work on your phone, and not on your computer for some reason).

I still use my Jabra Elite Sport when I walk the dog, because even though the AirPods fit better, I still don’t trust them to stay in during the fast walks we do. The Elite Sport is made for exercise and running and they stay in no matter how much you’re moving around or how much you sweat (probably within reason). I find the Jabras are also better when used in a single ear – the noise cancellation on them when in one-ear mode is just that much better. I prefer to walk the streets of the city like this, as opposed to completely oblivious, because it’s easier to keep your dog and yourself safer that way. Depending on what you do, where you might use them, whether you listen to music while you workout, I would still highly recommend the Jabras to others.

One thing I’ve been wondering: will one ever be able to get custom silicone tips for the AirPods that are form-fit to your ears so that they fit even better than the standard S/M/L tips? For instance, I’m fairly sure my right is shaped differently than the left, because the right always keeps falling out. Given that you can swap the soft tips, it only makes sense that there exists some small market for custom in-ears. There is a custom attach point – see the iFixit teardown of the AirPods Pro – so not trivial for just about anyone to make replacements here, but if there ever was a custom option, I’d be first to get them.