The Current Student Account

Everyone remembers their first bank account – it’s the one you get in your teens, when you walk to your local branch with your family to open an account. As a kid, it’s one of those moments that symbolizes your ever-increasing freedom as you grow older. But it’s also a special moment for your parents – a rite of passage as they hand that new checkbook off to you and teach you the basics of money.

Current’s latest release, the Student Account, is that moment, but updated for how we live now: with smartphones at the center of our lives. We are building a new type of shared mobile banking experience that helps people manage their money with collaborative, conversational tools unique to each member of the family. Kids get a Current debit card, which parents can manage using our app to send allowances to their children, help them manage their money and teach them financial responsibility.

Sign up at, share it with parents you know who have kids, and let us know how you use it and how we can improve the service for you.