my street photography #kit

People always ask me “What do you shoot with?” (Not that what one carries necessarily matters to how good one is at photography, but it is a curiosity and a conversation starter nonetheless).

If I’ve done the research to put together a set of products that go well together and that work well together, shouldn’t I put that online somewhere to help someone else save time and to help them make better decisions?

This is but one of the many reasons we started working on Kit a year ago (we launched it in November of last year).

Today, we’re excited at Kit because we released ‘embeds’ – which gives you the ability to take the kits you have on and to post them on your own sites and blogs so that your audience can learn from you.

For those of you that have asked, here’s my street-and-travel photography setup (so far) for all the photos you see here on STREAM.