Things worth getting

The internet can be an overwhelming place to research and find the products you need, especially when you’re looking to learn a new activity or hobby. Search engines and shopping sites don’t understand you and give you reviews from people you don’t know. It’s often easier (and more fun) to get product recommendations from friends and people who know what works from experience.

Today, we’re launching our first version of Kit, a community where you can discover, discuss and get interesting products — grouped into kits — for activities like traveling, DJing, cooking, cycling and more.

On Kit, you can find everything from Grammy winning-guitarist Drew Shirley’s easy picks for learning to play guitar, to SoulCycle instructor Nina Rutsch’s favorite products for your overall health, to tips for both your morning and evening skincare routines from YouTube star and beauty expert HeyClaire. No matter what your interests are, Kit is your authentic place to find the things worth getting.

We were inspired by the Whole Earth Catalog, which was first put together in 1968 with the idea that “the user should know better what is worth getting and where and how to do the getting.” Building on this inspiration, we created Kit because we believe in a community that helps each other learn and easily discover the products they need for the activities that enrich their lives.

In this spirit of sharing and authenticity, we’d love to see you show off what you know.

So, sign up and tell us what’s in your #kit!