Snap, continued

Snap, continued.

Since that last post on Snapchat, I’ve actually been using it even more than ever. It also definitely feels like more of my friends are back on it too. Perhaps it was due to my post and our conversations that they’re back on and equally curious. Or perhaps it’s because I pay more attention to Stories now and therefore see more of them from others.

I was talking to a friend about capturing moments, either to share with friends or to share via Stories and I realized one more interesting thing about Snapchat:

It’s that Snapchat is more like actual human conversation than anything else. Messages are posted and then they go away, much like you talking to a friend in real life. You say something in the moment, it gets heard and then it disappears – the only residue is what’s in your friend’s memory.

Indeed, I have been using Snapchat so much now to capture so many moments throughout the day into Stories that I wish the iOS lockscreen would allow me to swap in a different app as the default camera swipe action.