Flight reading

Flight reading

A few weeks ago, I wanted to share a few books on my summer reading list. Summer came and went, and I think I hit about one book a month. That seems like an easy number without being too much of a stretch on schedules. And it’s not bad considering that I probably read the equivalent of a book a week via other sources (magazines, journals, &c). The summer was actually less ‘beach reading’ for me and more like short-haul flight reads. (I guess I’ve seen pretty much every movie in the in-flight.)

Now that summer’s over, maybe it’s time I made this the “2014 reading list” – I’ve got three months left (the last month could find me really pick up more speed with all the holidays and free time).

Books in progress and still to come between now and the end of the year:

Creativity, Inc. – As I make my way through this, I can’t help but highlight all the structural parallels and things-yet-to-come when building our studio in Expa.

Talking to Humans – Originally recommended by AVC.

Zero to One – Because everyone has already read it.

Computer Lib/Dream Machines – I picked the First Edition (!) of this Ted Nelson classic from Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon. It’s an incredible bookstore you should have on your list for when you go.

The Martian – A little fiction originally suggested by Jon Steinback. (No relation).

Any other standouts to suggest? If I don’t get to them by the end of the year, well, there’s always next year.