A Jetsons home

Time: The very near future. AKA, 2015. Maybe even late 2014, you guys.

6:30am. Good morning.

I wake up to the vibrate of my Misfit Shine / Jawbone UP / smart mattress (choose your own adventure).

I get out of bed and pick up my phone. It’s already synced my sleep data to the cloud before I know what’s what (that Bluetooth LE magic). Perhaps this has happened through my iPhone. Perhaps it’s happened through my new Apple TV. It doesn’t matter; it’s so smooth. I love this combination of “that thing I’m wearing” paired with “the thing already in the room” – it makes for the richest and most meaningful interactions.

Oh, it knew when to wake me up because it knew my first event in the morning was a 7AM bike ride. It knows my calendar too, obviously.

It’s a warm summer day in New York City. So Nest has already picked up on this and woken up with me at the appropriate time with the right temperature. It’s no longer that cool night, so it turns up the aircon, as the weather is already getting a bit muggy out.

I go out for a ride on my Specialized, which is my bike that has been plugged in and syncing and downloading new training paths for me via Strava. It suggests a new route for me to hit: it knows my training plan, after all. The wheels automatically track my distance and cadence and power output and, paired with my phone, tracks GPS paths. My Apple headphones, of course, track my heart rate. I head back home, lean my bike up again the wall – of course, she syncs automatically to my “home”.

I get showered and ready and iPhone has already pulled up the weather report to show me. I’ve not been touching the phone for the last 20 minutes, so it already knows from habit that I’ve been away on the shower and shave in the morning.

As soon as I leave home, my phone automatically informs the other devices that want to know I’ve left. My Apple TV pauses music that was playing. Apple TV turns off all the lights and draws the shades. Separately, Nest knows I’m gone and goes into Away mode to conserve energy.

If anything should happen during my day at work that needs my attention, Home.app will send me a notification. Otherwise, I head home after a long day and the home system, knowing I’m there, automatically warms all systems up. When I walk in, my phone connects to WiFi and BLE, so all systems know it’s me and turn on all appropriate services.

I sit on my couch and listen to some Beats situation directly from an Apple TV app (after all these years, we have streaming music as an app right on Apple TV).

Then, I pick up a game controller and play a few circuits worth of racing on my Apple TV, which has all the games I purchased on iOS (yes!–where I finally get to race on the big screen that R8 I picked up on my iPhone).

It’s late.

I fall asleep on my couch.

Apple Watch already knows my heart rate’s in sleep mode and falls asleep with me (Oh wow, I love this idea of devices “falling asleep with me”).

Of course, it already knows when to wake me up the next morning, so I need not worry about setting an alarm.

Good night.