I am excited to announce that I am joining Garrett and Expa as a partner based in New York City. Expa is a startup studio that works with founders to develop and launch new companies. We have a few things in the works already at Expa HQ in SoMa. I will be helping on all these existing projects. And soon, I will launch some new products based in SoHo. We plan to work on just a few companies at a time, with our focus directed at areas we love and in which we have deep experience: mobile, platforms and marketplaces.

I spent much of the last year tinkering, reading and learning as much as I could from others. In all these explorations and sketches, one desire stood out: I want to create things that are good for the web. I want to leave the internet in a better place than I found it. With this new model in Expa and with a great team behind us, I hope to bring a lot of these ideas to life.

We’re always looking for great engineers, designers and product minds to come join us. I’d love to work with you on our new projects both here in New York as well as in San Francisco, so please get in touch at join@expa.com.