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To the Reader,

Thank you for reading 111-111-1111 — Ten Ones — my real-time edit of visual matter. At the urging of The New York Times legal department, I have suspended postings and removed the archive.

I created this Tumblr in the summer of 2010 as an experiment to see how the Times — where I worked as a web editor — could use the platform. (The name refers to the Caller ID signature of The New York Times.) The blog was a personal project viewing the feed through an aesthetic lens. I surfaced beautiful and unexpected imagery, credited it and linked to the source articles.

Fundamentally, Ten Ones was a daily accounting of the amazing online report the paper produces. It highlighted in particular the impressive work of Times photographers, illustrators, photo editors and art directors. 

The blog garnered a small audience on Tumblr and a following in the newsroom of The Times. When it came to the attention of the company’s Senior Counsel, he asked that I remove all copyrighted New York Times content. This request effectively ended Ten Ones.

Thanks to my friends at The Times and elsewhere who encouraged this project and helped get the word out. Thanks, too, to my Tumblr followers and rebloggers for answering the call.

Jonathan S. Paul