All aboard the 9:23 train to Banana Town.

Foursquare and Amex introduce a new kind of location-based Special. 

1. User connects personal Amex card to foursquare account. Takes 20 seconds. 

2. Only those users who opted-in see AMEX Specials when they check in at certain venues. I see Specials. My VISA friend doesn’t. 

3. Check in to unlock special. Click “Load to Card” on special. 

4. Swipe your card = SPECIAL REDEEMED. 

American Express can run these Load to Card at any venue where AMEX is accepted. It doesn’t disturb or compete with the merchants’ existing specials. One could argue that it will bring more customers into their business. 

I tested this yesterday in New York. Had lunch at small restaurant in East Village. Unlocked Special. Ate Roast Beef sando. Paid with AMEX. My Phone PINGED me with the notification I saved $5 – before the waitress even brought the receipt back. 

Let me just come out and say it. This is sort of a big deal. 

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