This past Saturday, we hosted our first hackathon at General Assembly, and were totally blown away by the turnout and the resulting projects. Over 150 developers joined us from all over the NYC metro area, as well as a few other states (Kentucky!), and even Canada. Over the course of the day, we held API refresher courses, released our hack wishlist, provided info on our Push API, and had lots of foursquare engineers on hand to answer questions and provide guidance. Attendees seemed to dig the technical workshops scheduled throughout the day – from both internal and external developers – so we’ll be sure to include more mini-tutorials at future events. At the end of the day we saw 25 pizzas consumed, over 300 cups of coffee, 15 hours of coding, and 39 awesome apps built (you can find them on our wiki). One hack emerged as the winner, according to the judges, with three runners up; all offering a mix of entertainment and utility built on top of the foursquare API. (See all the pictures here.)