I love and for looking at UI and design inspiration for websites. However the majority of my work revolves around mobile now and I haven’t found anything quite like these sites for iphone and Android apps. There are countless blog entries about best practices, but no full libraries. The best thing to do is just look at the actual apps, hold them in your hand and see how the interaction works. I take a ton of screen shots of apps every day, but there isn’t an easy way to access those screen shots in my photo album and from various computers later on. “Where was that really good screen shot of the new user EDU in that one app?” Suddenly I’m scrolling through hundreds of photos.  

To solve this problem I’ve created a mobile pattern library of all my screenshots (well most of them). This is only halfway complete and mainly just for myself, but I thought I would share for any UI designers stuck on a particularly tricky problem and looking for inspiration.

Take a look: