In this city of everything big, all I have ever done is build really small restaurants. The less accessible you make your place to a wider audience, the more accessible you make it to a local audience.

Gabriel Stulman

That moment, before something becomes the next big thing, is pretty special. Can there be this kind of scarcity in a digital world where ubiquity is so highly valued?

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This is (to me, anyway) an extremely important question. I want to think some more, but I’ll say up front that:

  • I don’t think that invitation-only communities or weird barriers to entry will accomplish this in a sustainable, repeatable way.
  • I do think that it may be possible for this kind of world inside the world to exist online, though perhaps not in the accessible way that might think or hope would be natural in this environment. 

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love this style of thinking – especially as we think about foursquare and local experience