Foursquare, Hunch, Google, AOL Ventures and The New York Times will all be represented at a charity ping pong tournament for the New York tech community this month.

The players will face off sans paddles, using their bodies to serve and volley via Xbox Kinect—a technology that calls for the wide-open spaces available at General Assembly, where Backspin 2011 will be staged on February 26.

The 16 brackets for company teams have filled up—a full list is here—but there are still spots left in the singles tournament as well as some tickets for onlookers, co-organizer Simon Kirk of Techies Give Back said. The event was planned by Techies Give Back, which organizes charity events for New York’s tech community, and The Daily technology editor Peter Ha, who came up with the idea for a motion-sensitive ping pong tournament.

The remaining tickets will go up for sale this week or next, Mr. Kirk said, which will be announced on Twitter by @techiesgiveback. It’s $25 for a fan ticket, $50 to participate in the singles event. Proceeds from the event will benefit Child’s Play, a nonprofit that provides books, games, and game consoles to hospitals in North America.