This is from the “Watashi ha Mainichi (no you ni) Jidou Hanbaiki no Shashin wo Totte imasu. Gomen-nasai” blog, which translates to “I am taking a photo of the vendor machine (almost) every day. Sorry.”

Vending machines are their own culture and subculture in Japan, and the stock within them has its own mood and vicissitudes. 

I live pretty far from food in many respects, and have no real sense of how seasons even relate to what we eat. They do seem to matter.

But I’m a bit in love with this weird congruence, this perverse approximation of season. Five years documenting the ebb and flow of processed-food fashion; certain brands and flavors come on stage and leave, in more and less prime positions. It has its own rhythm; it’s like nature, the one that humans make.