Where to Eat 2011 — New York Magazine

In the “Southern Fried Brooklyn” section of this year’s Where to Eat Guide, NY Mag shouts out Pies N Thighs and Commodore (of course) and opens our eyes to Seersucker in Carroll Gardens.

“The prime time to visit is Tuesday evenings, when Newton lays out his gourmet interpretation of a Tennessee fried-chicken dinner, complete with slices of Wonder bread drizzled with pan drippings, and three crunchy fried pieces of “Bo Bo” fried chicken, which the chef soaks in buttermilk and seasons, in racy urban style, with the faintest hint of Sichuan pepper.”


Seersucker (foursquare / Yelp)

(F, G Train to Carrol St.)
329 Smith St.

btwn President and Carroll

something i was doing in japan and something i need to do more of here in 2011: eat moar fried chicken. and cross of nyc lists. 🙂

btw, i love that these guys show the foursquare venue for every place on the ‘gentrifried chicken’ list – easier to add to your to-do list!