(Calm down, other nerds. I’m just explaining it to the people who don’t use it and probably get laid more than we do.)

But here’s what’s important. If you check into a place enough? You become the “mayor”. Like, king nerd. And you know what?

It’s like Foursquare is the coke dealer and those mayorships are the baggie. You start finding yourself rubbing your nose and pacing back and forth, moving erratically saying things like, “Just one more check-in, man, that’s all I need, then once I’m mayor I’ll stop. C’mon.”

The odd thing is, I get what they are trying to do. It’s SUPPOSED to be a social application that helps you find your friends. But stop kidding yourself. It became a horribly nerdy board game for adults who want to win at being king nerd a long time ago. And I’m one of them.