Awesome to FINALLY see this out in the wild. 🙂 Our friends at the GAP put some “add to foursquare” button love in their banner ads for the holiday season. The ads are totally interactive. Theyll either recognize my location and suggest GAP locations nearby (where you can add the item or a deal to your “to do” list) or allow me to change my location to add my “to-do” at a GAP further away. 

For this one, you can add a “to-do” reminding you to take advantage of a 30% off deal. See here 

I’d love to see this on every retail website out there. It’s the offline “like” button and makes a TON of sense. GAP, you are awesome.

p.s. thanks @canchn for letting us know this was out there, live!


great integration with foursquare, loving the new Gap banner!