#20823: wherein i run the new york city marathon

oh hello

tomorrow morning, i am going to be running the new york city marathon. it’s my first time running one. i am beyond excited. if you want to come watch or are curious to track me or, later, party:

+ i am #20823

+ i am going to be starting the race at 9:40am

+ if all goes according to plan, i am targeting to finish somewhere faster than 3:40 and 4:00 (sometime after 1pm). keeping the spread huge and vague for you gamblers in the crowd – and i’d better get a cut of your winnings! 🙂

+ you can track me via the nyrr athlete alert – in email form or via the app

+ i am most likely going to be wearing my signature yellow jersey (unless baby gets too hot, in which case i’ll be in a white shirt with usain bolt on it). i will have my name (”N.A.V.E.E.N.”) on my shirt

+ peep the spectator guide for “viewing” details: the best stretches are on 4th ave in bklyn and 1st and 5th av in manhattan but it’s nice to be near queensboro or on central park south too (so hard!)

+ if you’re going to be standing somewhere else, reply with an intersection: “northeast corner of 68th and 1st”. i’ll write these on my arm and will look out for you. make sure you SCREAM my name so i look out for you!

+ i’m going to be at the equinox at columbus circle after the race and then an after party at destination (most likely), so be on the lookout on twitter for more tomorrow.

oh! and i’m still raising money for campinteractive and just a little shy of my goal. i’d appreciate if you could help and could pass the word! donate here:http://bit.ly/naveenathon

good evening