MICHAEL SHIRT by Wintercheck Factory

In case my body doesnt sell these shirts all on its own, I would like to inform you that the shirt is SUPER comfy.

Michael is our take on the men’s Guayabera, sans the flowery embroidery. The fabric for this garment was originally sourced for our Eunice Dress but we were so impressed by it’s softness (it’s made with Tencel) that we had to incorporate it into the men’s line as well. Straying from the traditional Guayabera cut, Michael is slightly more fitted to the body but retains the classic short sleeve design with four buttoned pockets.

Sizing & Fit: Michael is made to fit comfortably but is still true to size. If you must, we recommend that you size down rather than up for a closer fit. Our model wears a size Medium. See our spec sheet for additional details.

It’s a good thing nobody really calls me Michael otherwise this shirt would be weird.


Yes, this shirt is named after @msg.

No, it does not come with a hat.

(related: back in the day my friend Danners was reconstructing old jeans as a side gig and she was offering up the “DPSTYLES” pants treatment)

hole in the crotch?