breakfast at shopsin’s: i was finally brave enough to go eat at kenny’s place:

i’d been wanting to go here ever since i read calvin trillin’s piece in the new yorker [1] a while ago (one of the best stories ever written, by the way!)

but…and it’s going to sound strange…i was always afraid. afraid i might do something stupid and get kicked out; afraid i might ask the wrong question and get kicked out; afraid i’d get yelled at for taking pictures; afraid i’d get yelled at for not bringing cash; afraid i’d get yelled at for saying “i’ll have what she’s having.”; etc, etc. and i was always afraid to go there by myself (i went there with alicia this morning)

we walked in and looked for a place to sit. kenny points to a table that’s taken and says casually (first thing he says to us!): “well, you can’t sit there because of those ****ing kids…why don’t you sit over there instead?”. i had to hold back my laugh – now this is what i came here for! 🙂

the menu easily has over 600+ items on it. i ordered bbq pork, mac & cheese, scrambled eggs and toast (all a single menu item! singleton, are you listening?!) for breakfast.

i crossed off a place that’s long been on my foursquare todo list. go:

and make sure to check out the documentary “i like killing flies” made back when they were in their west village location [2]