They say that when you write something down, it becomes real and there’s no backing down. Wait – no – is that how it goes?

I’m going to take on my first marathon in November (*gulp* see what I told you? write down == real!). I’m going to be running it in New York City, my hometown, so I guess I won’t have to go far (har har!). I’m equally excited, scared, overwhelmed with emotion just thinking about it. It’s going to be something special to run it in this beautiful city.

I’m running the race with a few friends who you might know: Dennis Crowley, Emily Gannett, Caroline McCarthy, Michelle DeForest, Toby Daniels and a few other new buddies. (Wait, was I supposed to use the oxford comma there? Vampire Weekend: help?).

We’re running on behalf of and raising money for Camp Interactive. CI takes the form of an after-school program to help bring a balance of technology and sports to inner-city kids. I would love if you supported us and then came to cheer and make sure I keep my word. We’re each trying to get $5000 towards the overall team goal and have a little ways to go; I want to crush these goals: You know what would be even more awesome? If you passed the word. Otherwise, I’m going to be retweeting myself. 🙂

I’ve been talking to a few friends that have run it before and they each have some special story to share about the experience. How did they find out I was going to run it, anyway?! There’s no backing away now! I’ve been collecting these and I’m going to write up another post on them in a couple of weeks. (HOT INSIDER TIPS!)

We’re also planning a few surprises for the race and hope to share those with you soon.

In case you missed the fundraise link in the story-time upstairs, see here now: