Do you ever see those old men outside of random NYC stores with the old school polaroid cameras? The kind with the big flashes and the picture takes 10 minutes to dry. I see them every now and again. Maybe it’s just one guy and I see him on various street corners, I don’t know. I’ve always wanted my picture taken but I was always afraid to ask. Tonight I was walking home from work and I saw the guy standing on a street corner not too far from my office. “How much?” I asked. “How much you got?” he responded. He took my picture. It’s completely unglamorous and I hate how I’m standing and I wish I was smiling, but here it is with all it’s imperfections; with all of my imperfections. I’m really glad I finally asked.

The photographer’s name is Louis Mendes

love the photo as-is!

i want to do this now