After the overwhelming popularity of the first annual Foursquare Day (4/16/2010), we realized there was demand for getting a bunch of you all together in one place. And then we were asked to be a launch partner for the new Meetup everywhere, which helps people who want to have foursquare meetups self-organize, anywhere in the world!

It’s simple: go to the foursquare Meetup everywhere page, and let others in your area know you’re interested, and then start discussing where to have your meetup. We’ve selected June 16 (get it? 4 squared=16) as the first date for the meetups to happen all over the globe, and from there you can figure out how often your group wants to get together (twice a month? once a month?). You can meet other foursquare users, and maybe even get a swarm badge! 

Find a foursquare meetup in your town to connect with other foursquare users!