did i ever tell you about the time i pranked everyone into thinking i was an actor in the new york television festival party?: they had a mini red carpet thing and cameras and everything. some cameraman thought i was the little kid in one of the movies (can’t remember the name now) and he wanted to take my picture and interview me. i totally played along with it. he brought me over to introduce me to the rest of the staff. we chatted about logistics and what kind of interview, etc and i nearly signed the release form before i was found out! after the staff figured out my game, i was walking away – but some other guests still thought i was the actor. so i got my picture taken with a couple of them. thx indira for the picture! (september 15 nytf party) ps. this was just after ignitenyc2 – if you guys were there, you remember that half the room was nytvf people and we were roped off from them. after ignite ended, we snuck onto their side to get at more free food/drinks – and then this happened